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Being DJ Charm beat maker & Creative music producer of deadly Music for the ravers.

American music expert, when you need him. Paul, short for Pritpal Singh, is an amazing Producer, Musician and DJ. Do you ever wonder what could you use to add a unique piece to your grand evnt? From fast-paced raves to slow bridal dances, you’re covered with us.

Born in India, Paul knows a thing or two about culture. Not only is he an amazing friend. The person writing this, is Kamal. Paul’s younger brother. Am I a little biased? Sure, perhaps I’m biased because I’m related to him. However, there’s no one I’ve met who can deny that with Paul. . . everyone is family. You can be sure that everyone who works with Paul will be treated with the respect as if he were hosting his own sister’s wedding or throwing an epic rave for his brother’s, me, success with Zhoustify.

Creating amazing events, when needed. DJ Charm is someone you can trust to give an honest opinion. If your ideas seem like they need work. You can be sure that you’ll get honest and professional feedback. This can really help you exemplify your event.

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